OSM 2019 Registration

Registration for OSM 2019 (open)

Registration for the 2nd Open Science Meeting Bali (OSM 2019) is made in two simple steps:

  1. Complete the registration form below.
  2. Pay the registration fee within 7 days from submitting the form.

(Do you want to also attend The 1st Psychology & Law Open Science Conference (OPLS 2019)? Please note that registration for OPLS 2019 is done separately; register for OPLS 2019 here.)

Registration form

Registration fees

Standard fees
Early Bird (until Dec 31, 2018): 120 EUR
Late Bird (until Jan 23, 2019): 150 EUR
Early Career Researcher Early Bird (until Dec 31, 2018): 90 EUR
Early Career Researcher Late Bird (until Jan 23, 2019): 120 EUR
Student Early Bird (until Dec 31, 2018): 60 EUR
Student Late Bird (until Jan 23, 2019): 90 EUR
Last minute (Jan 24 – Feb 7, 2019): 180 EUR

Important note: If you are also registering for OPLS 2019, then you are eligible to a 75% discount on the registration fees above; instead see the fees below. (Register for OPLS 2019 here. It does NOT matter in which order you are making the two registrations.)

Registration fees for participants also registered for OPLS 2019
Early Bird (until Dec 31, 2018): 30 EUR
Late Bird (until Jan 23, 2019): 38 EUR
Early Career Researcher Early Bird (until Dec 31, 2018): 23 EUR
Early Career Researcher Late Bird (until Jan 23, 2019): 30 EUR
Student Early Bird (until Dec 31, 2018): 15 EUR
Student Late Bird (until Jan 23, 2019): 23 EUR
Last minute (Jan 24 – Feb 7, 2019): 45 EUR

VAT is included in all prices listed.


Payment is due within 7 days of submitting your registration. Please note that you are not registered until we have received your payment. Choose on of the three payment methods below:

  1. Credit/Debit Card payments;
  2. International bank transfer
  3. Bankgiro (within Sweden only)

Credit/Debit Card payments

To pay by card, enter the amount (EUR) in the field below and click “Pay now”. Not sure which amount you should pay? Please find the correct amount above, under “Registration fees”. (Still not sure? Contact us at either conference@igdore.org or tnyman@abo.fi)

Select your fee above and enter it here

International bank transfer

IBAN: SE8150000000050011063645
Bank Address: SEB, 106 40 Stockholm
Recipient: IGDORE Sweden AB
Message to recipient: OSM 2019 + your email or name

We have tried to keep the registration fees at a minimum and are therefore on a tight budget. We would appreciate if the attendant alone could carry all the related bank fees.

Accepted currencies: EUR and SEK.

Bankgiro (Sweden only)

Bg: 372-5538
Mottagare (recipient): IGDORE Sweden AB
Meddelande till mottagaren (message to recipient): OSM 2019 + your email or name

Terms of Condition

Confirmation of registration

A confirmation of your payment, and a receipt, will be sent to you by email. This is your proof of successful registration. Should you need any additional statements or documents from us, please let us know by emailing conference@igdore.org

Registration Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of registration for OSM should be made by email to conference@igdore.org no later than 23rd January, 2019. No fees will be refunded after this date unless providing certified documentation of unexpected circumstances such as personal injury that makes it impossible for you to attend the conference. A processing fee of 35 EUR will be deducted from all refunds. No refund will be made of fees lower than 35 EUR.

Conference Cancellation

The text below has been borrowed from ANZAPPL (and slightly adapted):

The members of the organising committee or IGDORE do not accept any liability for losses incurred in the event of the Conference being cancelled or postponed due to an unforeseen event or any other event that renders performance of this conference inadvisable, illegal, impracticable or impossible.

An unforeseen event shall include, but shall not be limited to: an Act of God; infectious disease outbreak, industrial disruptions, service provider failures, governmental restrictions and/or regulations; war or apparent act of war; terrorism or apparent act of terrorism; disaster; civil disorder, disturbance, and/or riots; curtailment, suspension, and/or restriction on transportation; or any other emergency.

Visas etc

Do you need a visa? Learn this and more on this page!


For inquiries about the program (e.g. presentations, seminars, workshops, hackathons), please email Jennifer Beaudry (jbeaudry@swin.edu.au) or Rebecca Willén (rebecca.willen@igdore.org).

For inquiries about registration or other things related to conference administration, please email conference@igdore.org or tnyman@abo.fi

For inquiries about planning your visit on Bali, please email indonesia@igdore.org or hani@igdore.org