Researchers that can show proof of commitment1 to our Code of Research Conduct, which emphasises open and replicable science, can become affiliated with IGDORE.

IGDORE offers the following to affiliated researchers:

  • formal institutional affiliation,
  • the opportunity to offer teaching and certain types of consultancy under IGDORE’s flag,
  • an IGDORE email account (,
  • free VPN service for your devices via,
  • grant management in Sweden2 (including access to funding within the European Union; indirect costs are generally 10%).

IGDORE requests two things from our affiliated researchers: (1) you need to accept and adhere3 to our Code of Research Conduct, and (2) you need to make your affiliation with IGDORE explicit in all relevant professional contexts (e.g., publications).

Decisions on affiliation applications are made quarterly (at the end of Feb, May, Aug and Nov). Are you in a hurry? Please email us at

Please note that we do longer accept applications for the researcher in training category and that IGDORE only offer paid positions to researchers whose grants we are hosting.

Would you like to get involved with the IGDORE community without becoming affiliated? Please reach out to us at

1 See the advice here about which practices that the Global Boards considers to demonstrate such a commitment.

2 For grant management in the United States, we recommend the Ronin Institute.

3 See How to live up to the CoRC? for guidance.