The IGDORE Global Management Board has the following five members:

Dr. Paola Masuzzo (Board Member)

Dr. Gavin Taylor (Board Member & Head of Grant Managment)

Dr. Enrico Fucci (Board Member & Head of Research Consultancy Services)

Mr. Daniel Berntsson (Board Member, Head of Technology & Angel Investor)

Dr. Rebecca Willén (Board Member & Founding Director)

IGDORE has its legal base in Sweden with the IGDORE Sweden Foundation (Stiftelsen IGDORE Sweden) as parent organisation (moderstiftelse). IGDORE Sweden AB is a limited company owned by the foundation.

Stiftelsen IGDORE Sweden (not-for-profit foundation)
Reg. nr.: 802481-8398

The board members are the same as for the IGDORE Global Management Board: Paola Masuzzo, Gavin Taylor, Enrico Fucci, Daniel Berntsson, Rebecca Willén (chair)

IGDORE Sweden AB (limited company)
Reg. nr.: 559081-3720
VAT: SE559081372001

Board members: Sophie Östergren, Rebecca Willén (CEO), Daniel Berntsson, Lena Bertilsson

Non-virtual address: Box 1074, Kristinehöjdsgatan 9A, Gothenburg, 412 82, Sweden

Accountant: Marie Mellgren
Certified auditor for the foundation: PwC

Advisory Board

Dr. Renée Otmar

IGDORE's organisational structure
IGDORE’s organisational structure