The IGDORE Global Management Board has the following six members:

Dr. Gary McDowell (Board Member)

Dr. Paola Masuzzo (Board Member)

Dr. Gavin Taylor (Board Member & Head of Grant Management)

Dr. Enrico Fucci (Board Member & Head of Research Consultancy Services)

Mr. Daniel Berntsson (Board Member, Head of Technology & Angel Investor)

Dr. Rebecca Willén (Board Member & Founding Director)

IGDORE has its legal base in Sweden with the IGDORE Sweden Foundation (Stiftelsen IGDORE Sweden) as parent organisation (moderstiftelse). IGDORE Sweden AB is a limited company owned by the foundation.

Stiftelsen IGDORE Sweden (not-for-profit foundation)
Reg. nr.: 802481-8398

The board members are the same as for the IGDORE Global Management Board: Paola Masuzzo, Gavin Taylor, Enrico Fucci, Daniel Berntsson, Rebecca Willén (chair)

IGDORE Sweden AB (limited company)
Reg. nr.: 559081-3720
VAT: SE559081372001

Board members: Sophie Östergren, Rebecca Willén (CEO), Daniel Berntsson, Lena Bertilsson

Non-virtual address: Box 1074, Kristinehöjdsgatan 9A, Gothenburg, 412 82, Sweden

Accountant: Marie Mellgren
Certified auditor for the foundation: PwC

Advisory Board

Dr. Renée Otmar

Working Groups

The first IGDORE working group (WG) was formed in early 2022. We hope launch new working groups in future (watch this space!)

IGDORE's organisational structure
IGDORE’s organisational structure