Trust is a beautiful thing.
But you shouldn’t need it to evaluate the quality of science.


Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE) is an independent research institute dedicated to improve the quality of science, science education, and quality of life for scientists, students and their families. We’re committed to open scientific practices, free (libre) and open science, and a healthy and global science and higher education. We aim to protect whistleblowers in science and to educate and train affiliated and external scientists and students on best scientific practices.

Scientists who adhere to open scientific practices can become affiliated with IGDORE. We currently have 24 affiliated researchers conducting their own research, currently spanning 12 scientific disciplines (astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, law, medicine, metascience, paleontology, physics, psychology, & sociology). Our location independence allow affiliated scientists to reside anywhere in the world; we currently have scientists residing in no less than 13 countries (Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, & United States).

IGDORE has an international team of experienced research assistants who can be hired on an hourly or project basis in internal and external projects. This team offers virtual scientific openness support to experienced and novice employers of open scientific practices. The team can also be hired to collect and prepare scientific data in Sweden (including assistance with ethical review); in 2019, this will also be possible in Indonesia.

In 2017 we opened our first coworking space, located in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. This coworking space is specifically developed to cater to scientists and students, but everyone is warmly welcome to enjoy the place. The coworking space is open all year round and is a great place for anyone interested in personal or organised science retreats, for example to get started with open scientific practices. The location and setting is very family friendly.

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