Open Science Meetup Bali 2018

Preliminary Program for the meetup is now available!

Dates: April 23-29, 2018
Registration Deadline: April 2, 2018 (Registration form below)
Deadline for Travel Awards applications: March 12, 2018
Venue: IGDOREUbud, Bali, Indonesia


Welcome to IGDORE’s first Open Science Meetup!

The main purpose of this meetup is for open science enthusiasts to meet during more relaxed circumstances than typical (un)conferences allow. We will have a focus on reflective discussions in which we have time to delve deeper into issues we want to resolve. We expect it to be a small meetup of about 10 participants. We will mainly build the programme in line with wishes from registered participants, but at least one or two full days will be dedicated to discuss the following:

Science in Transit: How to Deal with Past Sins when Science Opens Up?

The outcome of these discussions will hopefully result in a joint paper with recommendations to leaders in academia on how to handle cases of disclosed questionable research practices at their institutions. The importance of guidance on these issues has been evident by recent cases such as Dr. Jodi Whitaker, Dr. Jens Förster, Dr. Amy Cuddy and Prof. Brian Wansink.


IGDORE Indonesia is located in on Bali in the southern parts of central Ubud (Jalan Made Lebah 12; map). The first floor consists of one open spacious room with whiteboard, screen and high-quality film projector with surround sound system. This room can host up to 60 participants. The second floor has three smaller rooms for meetings (4-10 people in each room), one lush terrace, a kitchen with lunchroom and a bathroom with shower. Both floors will be used during the meetup.



IGDORE can assist participants in finding accommodation in accordance with their budget (everything from a non-shared private room with private bathroom in a homestay for 7 USD / night up to private houses and luxury villas). Examples of accommodation within 10 min drive from IGDORE Indonesia: Byasa Hotel (price: medium; sharing yard with IGDORE Indonesia), T House (price: high; private villas with shared pool), Onion Homestay (price: medium; hostel), Gunung-An (price: medium; boutique hotel). For budget homestays, contact IGDORE ( Airbnb is very useful for finding accommodation in and around Ubud.

Getting here

Ubud is about 1 hour drive from the Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar, Bali. IGDORE can arrange with a taxi driver to pick you up at the airport and take you directly to your accommodation (price: about 26 USD / car).

Getting around

The streets of Ubud and Bali are not for walking. The tropical humid climate makes it too hot to walk during daytime (10 am – 4 pm), and the roads do not offer safe space for pedestrians. The way to get around is through car or scooter. You can rent your own vehicle (from 45 USD / month for a scooter with helmet or 210 USD / month for a car), or go with taxis (cars or scooters). IGDORE will always be able to assist in arranging taxis between your accommodation and IGDORE.


Bali has a tropical climate with high humidity. The average temperature is 30-31 degrees Celsius all year round. Ubud, located about 15 km from the closest coast, is somewhat cooler than the coastline areas. The rain season typically lasts from November until April, however, there is mostly sunshine also during the rain season.


Although calm during nights, Ubud is teeming with life and interesting activities throughout the days. Here’s a selection of things to do during your stay.

Ubud is notorious for its wide range of yoga studios and retreats (e.g. the famous Yoga Barn or the more private Intuitive Flow). We can also recommend Ubud Pilates. In recent years, however, Ubud has also become famous for being an international hub for entrepreneurs and location independent start-ups. You typically find them working from one of Ubud’s four coworking spaces: Hubud and Outpost, or from the smaller Passion Lab (and of course, nowadays there is also IGDORE’s coworking space). Hubud, Outpost and Passion Lab typically offer a number of events every week. For people interested in cryptocurrencies we recommend joining the weekly Bitcoin meetings in Ubud (The Filter), or take the free course Bitcoin 101 (typically held once a month). And 5th of May, 2018, it is time for the next TEDxUbud. It should also be mentioned that Ubud is a true paradise for vegetarians and vegans. See for example the following restaurants: Moksa, Sage, Earth Cafe, Alchemy, Fussy Bird, Atman, Seeds of Life, The Elephant – to name only a few. For physical activities beyond yoga, Bali offers for example rafting (e.g. Sobek), diving (e.g. Dune Atlantis) and surfing (e.g. Odyssey Surf School). We can also recommend a fun crash course in the Indonesian language at Cinta Bahasa. Being frequently visited by tourists and having plenty of immigrants and migrants from Australia, North America, Europe and Japan, Ubud also has plenty of great spas (e.g. Clear and Nine Heaven). The no beach beach club, Jungle Fish, is also worth a visit. The closest beaches are in Sanur, about 45 min south of Ubud.

Travelling with family

Ubud is very family friendly and there are plenty of activities and events nearby to keep the children happy. Here are some examples: Kids Yoga (with awesome playroom for ages up to 7 at Ubud Yoga Center), Paradiso (cinema & events), Tamanak Playground, Kids Club at the Mansion, Bali Fun World, Peek-a-boo.

Staying longer

When anyway travelling to Bali, why not stay a bit longer? We’ll gladly assist you in finding accommodation and rent a vehicle, and will try to answer any questions you might have about visas and vaccinations. Of course we will pick you up at the airport (price: about 25 USD / car) and provide you with a local SIM card (cost price) for your mobile.

International schools in the Ubud area: Green School, Pelangi School, Spring School, Wood School. We can also assist in finding an English speaking nanny.

Researchers and students registered for the Open Science Meetup 2018 can use our coworking space for free during one month prior to and following the meetup (i.e. in total over two months).


Please send us information on seminars, workshops, topics, etc, you want to bring up at the meetup. You can do this at the time of registration or later.


IGDORE will be able to fund accommodation in Ubud (> 2 weeks stay) for a limited number of participants. Should you want to apply for this funding, please let us know at the time of registration. It also possible to apply for a full Travel Award (follow the instructions to apply for such an award).


To register for the meetup, please complete the form below. There are no fees for participating. For any inquiries about the meetup or the registration, send an email to

Deadline for registration: April 2, 2018.