Scientific Openness Support

We are genuinely passionate about openness and transparency, in science, work life and private life. We are offering a number of services to researchers across the globe to facilitate an increased use of open practices in science. Contact Dr. Antonio Schettino ( for more information about our openness support.

Open publishing of scientific reports

Send us your published or unpublished scientific reports and we will investigate and suggest appropriate, legal, ways to make your particular paper freely and publicly available (green or gold publication). We will then archive the paper and provide you the link. This service may be a perfect option for senior researchers with many published papers that are not yet publicly available. The service can also be used to give unpublished papers a DOI (making it easier to cite properly) and make it publicly available.

Open publishing of research materials

One of the easiest open science practices to get started with is sharing your materials. Just put them out there, and voilà; you are doing open science! Here’s a very brief explainer video to get you started.

However, if you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, we’re happy to assist you! We will archive your research material (e.g. surveys, questionnaires, instructions for participants, coders or assistants, stimuli material, advertisements) in an open online repository (e.g. Open Science Framework), and provide you with unique DOIs for your materials. A DOI makes it easy for yourself and others to refer to the material in future publications. Making your materials publicly available online can enable others to reuse your materials, build upon and improve them – not to mention that your materials will never again be lost.

Preregistration support

We will guide you through the process of preparing a preregistration document for your study, including an analysis plan. We will provide recommendations and feedback throughout the process and – should you prefer it – conduct the final preregistration for you in a suitable online repository. This service is particularly suitable for researchers new to preregistration.

Preparing data files for open publication

Making research data freely available online can be a rather time consuming endeavour. The data set might need some cleaning, clarifications and changes in variable names (e.g. from a local language to English), and it might need conversion to an open file format. Most importantly, a clear and concise codebook should be written in which each variable is properly explained. Regardless of the condition of your current data set, we might be able to help you with all the above. You send us the data files, we let you know what we can do and how much it will cost. In some cases we may also be able to advise you on national laws on data sharing and where you can find a suitable repository in line with your particular country’s regulations. However, currently we do not execute the publication of data sets.

Advising on open scientific practices

What is preregistration? How to preregister your research? Is there any point with preregistering qualitative research? What is open science? Why is statistical power relevant when discussing open practices? What is open data? Why should I let other people use the data I have collected? What are the differences between open access, open science and open source? How can I be sure to be credited for my work if I make my data and material publicly available? What is open peer review? Where do I find open software relevant to my research? I want to learn more about open practices – where do I start? My supervisor/colleagues don’t want to practice open science – what can I do? We are always available to our affiliated researchers, as a discussion partner, guide or mentor.

Transparency review of papers

To our affiliated researchers, we are also available to review works in progress to advise on potential improvements in the transparency of the reporting. Maybe it is not clear who made a certain interview or coding. Maybe it is unclear how the sample size was determined or at what time during the process your hypotheses were formed. Maybe there is material mentioned that are not yet available online. We will be the critical reader you need to further improve the paper with regard to scientific openness.

Ethical applications for research with humans in Sweden

Preparing an ethical application for research with humans in Sweden is a rather extensive process. Each step of the planned methods should be described in detail, research material must be attached and an ad hoc calculation of statistical power needs to be included. If you are anyway doing all this work, why not also convert the ethical application into a pregregistration document? We can help researchers throughout the process of preparing the application as well as conducting the conversion into a preregistration that we publish online for you.

For more information about ethical review of research with humans in Sweden, please visit Etikprövningsnämnderna.