Research consultancy

Our research assistants can be hired by anyone from any part of the world. We are available for small one off tasks (e.g. one assistant to transcribe one interview), medium sized tasks, and for larger scale projects (e.g. several assistants to work full-time during a certain period of time). Examples of work we can do: transcribing, coding, translating, entering data into spread sheets, searching for information, recruiting research participants, interviewing research participants, data collections (e.g. psychological experiments), archiving documents in online repositories, generating drafts for questionnaires and interview protocols, scientific openness support.

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Dr. Antonio Schettino (Head of Research Consultancy Services)
Education & Work Experience: PhD in Psychology, 2013 (Ghent University, Belgium); Post-doctoral Researcher, 2013-2015 (University of Leipzig, Germany); Post-doctoral Researcher, 2015-2018 (Ghent University, Belgium); Coordinator of the Open Science Community, 2019 – current (Erasmus University Rotterdam & Erasmus Medical Center, Netherlands)
Technical & Statistical Skills: Advanced coding skills: R, RStudio, MATLAB. Beginner coding skills: Python/Anaconda & Latex. Statistical skills: frequentist and Bayesian multilevel models; advanced use of JASP and jamovi; intermediate use of SPSS. Analysis of EEG signal: frequency analysis of steady-state visually evoked potentials (ssVEPs); classical and mass univariate ERP analysis (MATLAB toolboxes: EEGLAB, ERPLAB, Mass Univariate ERP Toolbox); topographical analysis with CARTOOL; source localization with sLORETA. Experiment Control Software: E-Prime and PsychoPy. Operating Systems: GNU/Linux & Microsoft Windows.
Publications: Complete publication list.
Languages: Italian (1st), English (2nd), Dutch (3rd; beginner)
Locations: Netherlands