Research consultancy

Some of our researchers can be hired as consultants by public and private entities, as well as individuals, from anywhere in the world. Consultants are available to work in short, medium and long-term projects that require the collaboration of an expert in a specific field or the support from specialists in different tasks.

We are specialized in providing scientific openness support, but our highly trained researchers are specialized in many different domains and techniques. We are available to work individually or in teams in multiple scenarios.

Interested in hiring us?
Please send an email to with a short description of your project. Specify your needs and whether you would like to work with a particular researcher. We offer an initial 30 min virtual meeting free of charge to assess the project feasibility.

Our available professional researchers are listed below. For inquiries about assistance with less advanced projects (e.g. transcription & data entry), please contact us about hiring a research assistant.

Dr. Enrico Fucci
Academic title: PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience)
Fields of expertise: cognitive and affective neuroscience, experimental psychology, neuroimaging, quantitative-qualitative methods, contemplative practices

Services provided:
– Scientific openness support
– Research design and protocol evaluation (efficacy, feasibility, methodology, power analysis)
– Data analysis (EEG, fMRI, behavioural, qualitative)
– Scientific editing (e.g. articles, grant proposals)
– Lectures, workshops, seminars, keynotes, talks  
Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish
Location: Fuerteventura (Spain) [temporary]