Research consultancy

Some of our researchers can be hired as consultants by public and private entities, as well as individuals, from anywhere in the world. Consultants are available to work in short, medium and long-term projects that require the collaboration of an expert in a specific field or the support from specialists in different tasks.

We are specialized in providing scientific openness support, but our highly trained researchers are specialized in many different domains and techniques. We are available to work individually or in teams in multiple scenarios.

Our available professional researchers are listed below. For inquiries about assistance with less advanced projects (e.g. transcription & data entry), please contact us about hiring a research assistant.

Dr. Enrico Fucci
Academic title: PhD (Cognitive Neuroscience)
Fields of expertise: cognitive and affective neuroscience, experimental psychology, neuroimaging, quantitative-qualitative methods, contemplative practices

Services provided:
– Scientific openness support
– Research design and protocol evaluation (efficacy, feasibility, methodology, power analysis)
– Data analysis (EEG, fMRI, behavioural, qualitative)
– Scientific editing (research articles, grant proposals, booklets)
– Lectures, workshops, seminars, keynotes, talks  
Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish
Location: Fuerteventura (Spain) [temporary]

Dr. Johanna Havemann
Academic title: PhD (Bioscience)
Fields of expertise: Open Science, Open Access, F.A.I.R Data Management, Research in Africa, Career Development, Science 2.0

Services provided:
– Scientific openness support
– 101 training on self-marketing as a scientist and for research groups
– Webinars on Open Science Communication
– Scientific text editing (theses, dissertations, research articles, booklets)
– Lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences, talks  
Languages: German, English, Swedish
Location: Berlin (Germany), Nairobi (Kenya), Online

Dr. Michelle King-Okoye
Academic Title: PhD (Health Sciences)
Fields of expertise: cancer care, oncology, population health, health sciences

Services provided:
– Systematic reviews (search strings, literature searches, data management and reporting (PRISMA))
– Advisory on evidence-based policy making and health care
– Transcriptions and Data analysis (phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory, qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods research)
– Scientific editing (e.g. research articles, academic papers)
– Lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences, talks
Languages: English
Location: Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom

Dr. Kartika Lestari
Academic title: PhD (Atmospheric Science)
Fields of expertise: climate change and its impacts, climate variability and prediction, climate extremes, climate and sustainability

Services provided:
– Data analysis
– Advisory on evidence-based policy making
– Academic support (e.g. supervising, training, coaching, tutoring)
– Scientific editing (e.g. research articles, grant proposals)
– Lectures, workshops, seminars, talks
Languages: Indonesian, English, Japanese (fluent Japanese speaking with intermediate writing proficiency)
Location: Japan

Dr. Veronika Pereseina
Academic title: PhD (Business Administration)
Fields of expertise: sustainable development, sustainable business, supply chain management, qualitative case studies, blended teaching

Dr. Vicente M. Reyes
Academic Title: PhD (Chemistry)
Fields of expertise: computational biology & bioinformatics, biological data mining, mathematical & theoretical biology, structural biology & strucutre-based drug design, pedagogy in quantitative, computational & mathematical life sciences

Services provided:
– Scientific editing (e.g. articles, grant proposals)
– Data analysis
– Domain knowledge consultation
– Computer programming
Languages: English Filipino (Tagalog), Spanish (working proficiency)
Location: Rochester, NY, USA

Dr. Gavin Taylor
Academic title: PhD (Neuroethology) & BE (Mechatronics)
Fields of expertise: computational optics, visual neuroscience, MicroCT imaging, 3D image analysis, control systems modelling

Services provided:
– 3D image analysis and visualization
– Optical modelling of animal eyes
– Scientific programming support
– Assistance with applying and planning for 3D imaging at lab/large facilities
Languages: English (native) and Portuguese (working proficiency)
Location: Brazil