Research Assistants

Our experienced international research assistants can be hired by scientists from any part of the world. We are available for small one off tasks (e.g. one assistant to transcribe one interview), medium sized tasks, and for larger scale projects (e.g. several assistants to work full-time during a certain period of time). Examples of work we do: transcribing, coding, translating, entering data into spread sheets, searching for information, recruiting research participants, interviewing research participants, data collections (e.g. psychological experiments), archiving documents in online repositories, generating drafts for questionnaires and interview protocols, scientific openness support.

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The Team


Alethea Hui Qin Koh (Research Assistant)
Education: MSc in Psychology (National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore)
Research Experience: Research Assistant at NUS (2015-2017): involved with literature review, data analysis/collection, academic writing; coaching and creating guides for data analysis, pre-registration practices, stimuli preparation, experimental design and module syllabuses; experience in applying for grants and ethical reviews. Social Lab Manager at NUS (2013-2017): oversaw and ran the social psychology laboratories, its members and booking systems; provided assistance in stimuli preparation, data analysis, troubleshooting.
Publications: Koh, A. H. Q., Tong, E. M. W. & Yuen, A. Y. L. (2017). The buffering effect of awe on negative affect towards lost possessions. The Journal of Positive Psychology (online first). Koh, A. H. Q., Jia, L., & Hirt, E. R. (2017). Where do desires come from? Positivity offset and negativity bias predict implicit attitude toward temptations. Motivation and Emotion, 41, 431-442. Chan, K. Q., Tong, E. M., Tan, D. H., & Koh, A. H. Q. (2013). What do love and jealousy taste like? Emotion, 13, 1142-1149.
Tools & Equipment Experience: Data Analysis Software: SPSS, R, JASP, HLM7. Stimuli Presentation Software: MediaLab, DirectRT, Various online mediums (etc., Qualtrics). Standardised Test: Bilingual Language Assessment Battery, MacArthur Story Stem Battery Others: Tobii Eye Tracker.
Languages: English (1st) and Chinese (2nd; fluent)
Locations: Singapore and Japan

photo - Dasa Kokole

Daša Kokole (Research Assistant)
Education: MSc in Health Education and Promotion (Maastricht University, The Netherlands), Graduate degree (equivalent to Master) in Psychology (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Research Experience: Public Health Officer at No Excuse Slovenia (2013-2016), research intern at National Social Marketing Centre in UK (2013) and National Institute of Public Health of Slovenia (2011). Through my previous work I gained extensive experience with all phases of the research process (developing research proposals, conducting literature reviews, developing materials (e.g. questionnaires and focus group/interview topic guides), recruiting participants, collecting data or managing the team responsible for data collection, analysing data and writing up results). I am experienced both in quantitative and qualitative methods (field experiments, surveys, interviews and focus groups), with focus on applied health research (especially health promotion) and social marketing. Publications: Kamin, T. & Kokole, D. (2016). Midstream social marketing intervention to influence retailers’ compliance with the Minimum Legal Drinking Age Law. Journal of Social Marketing, 6, 104-120.
Tools & Equipment Experience: SPSS, Excel, NVivo.
Languages: Slovenian (1st), English (2nd), Italian (3rd; intermediate), Spanish (4th; beginner), Dutch (4th; beginner)
Locations: Netherlands and Slovenia

Paulina Gruffman
Paulina Gruffman (Research Assistant)
Education: BA in Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (magna cum laude; Humboldt State University (HSU), California, USA)
Research Experience: Teaching Assistant at HSU (2017): aided students in research and upper division academic writing, worked closely with lead professor to increase student learning and research literacy. Junior Online Marketing Manager at Affinitas in Germany (2011-2012): researched, analyzed and implemented traditional and pioneering Digital Marketing methods, researched, monitored, translated and edited articles in Swedish, German and English.
Languages: Swedish (1st), English (2nd), French (3rd; intermediate), German (4th; beginner)
Location: California, USA

Rebecca M. Willén (Coordinator & Supervisor)
Education: PhD in Psychology (University of Gothenburg (GU), Sweden)
Research Experience: Accepted to a 4 year PhD program at GU 2011; finished 2016. Research Assistant at GU (2008-2011). During my years at GU I supervised a total of about 50 research assistants concerning tasks like conducting codings (e.g. quantification of qualitative data), data collections, transcriptions, translations, and interviewing research participants. I also became an informal advisor to colleagues and students concerning open scientific practices and ethical applications. I have worked mostly with experimental designs (social psychology) and surveys (interviews and questionnaires).
Publications: See CV.
Tools & Equipment Experience: See our list of equipment.
Languages: Swedish (1st), English (2nd), Indonesian (3rd; beginner)
Locations: Indonesia and Sweden

Ruben Dieleman (Research Assistant)
Education: MSc in International Administration and Global Governance (University of Gothenburg (GU), Sweden); BA in Liberal Arts And Sciences (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Research Experience: Research Assistant at GU (2017): coding German, Dutch, French and Belgian parliamentary texts for the MIPOK project. Research Assistant at the Varieties of Democracy Institute (2016): collecting and analysing data, writing policy papers and (de)coding surveys, generally assisting the researchers in their work. Project Assistant in Data Analysis at Publistat Mediaonderzoek in The Netherlands (2014-2015): qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Intern at Utrecht City Council, international affairs department (2013): investigated possibilities for multilingualism within the community and analysed the city’s policy. Additional experience as a journalist and science blogger.
Tools & Equipment Experience: NVivo, Excel.
Languages: Dutch (1st), English (2nd), German (3rd; intermediate), French (3rd; intermediate), Swedish (3rd; intermediate)
Location: Sweden