Institutional Review Board

Indonesia follow international guidelines for research ethics: Helsinki Declaration (1964), World Medical Association revised in Tokyo (1975), Venice (1983) and Hong Kong (1989), and WHO (1993). Indonesian Law No. 23/1992, further regulated in Government Regulation No. 39/1995 regarding Health Research and Development, Chapter IV, includes a statement about protection of human rights related to humans as research subjects, and about legal sanctions should the researcher violate the regulations. All research with humans in Indonesia must be conducted in line with Pancasila.

In Indonesia, institutional review boards (IRB’s) are responsible of ethically reviewing planned research with humans. As a research institution, IGDORE INDONESIA, can and should initiate its own institutional review board. IGDORE INDONESIA’s IRB will consist of national and international experts as well as Indonesian lay people. Once the board has been assembled it will be presented here. All applications to the board, as well as the board’s decisions, will be made publicly available through this page.