As of February 2017, we are in the process of registering IGDORE as a research institute in Indonesia. Since November 2017, we are registered as a not-for-profit foundation in Indonesia: Yayasan IGDORE Indonesia.

The Indonesian facility offers a coworking space for scientists and students. By 2019 we hope to have all the required licences to start collect data in Indonesia. Here we will for example be able to conduct direct replications at cost price for researchers from any part of the world.

The facility has two floors with a total of 250 square meters. 1st floor: workspace, library and entrance. 2nd floor: laboratory, meeting/lecture rooms, social areas, kitchen and shower. It is located on Jalan Made Lebah 12 in Ubud, Bali. We have a 3 year lease on the property (May 1, 2017, until April 31, 2020). Soft opening has begun, grand opening is preliminary set to January, 2018.

This page will be updated successively.

Daniel Berntsson
Position: Commissioner
Main responsibilities: Financial investor
Geographical locations: Europe and Indonesia

Position: Receptionist
Main responsibilities: Mixed
Geographical location: Indonesia

I Nyoman Kurniadewi
Position: Second Director
Main responsibilities: Mixed
Geographical locations: Indonesia and Australia

Rebecca Willén
Academic title: PhD
Position: Director / Ketua Pengerus
Main responsibilities: Currently everything
Geographical locations: Europe and Indonesia