What does IGDORE stand for?

Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education

Who is behind IGDORE?

IGDORE was founded by Rebecca Willén in September 2016.

What does it mean that IGDORE is ‘digital’, ‘location independent’ and ‘globally distributed’?

It means that IGDORE exists through (1) internet, and (2) our researchers and other staff. We may set up temporary or permanent physical buildings in different parts of the world, but these are only tools to enable or facilitate our work; people can work at IGDORE without ever having to set foot in any particular country or location.

Why are you starting IGDORE?

Initially, Rebecca came up with the idea due to frustration with existent institutional systems that she found inefficient, overly expensive and often passive with regard to increasing scientific integrity by promoting and implementing open scientific practices. Rebecca finished the last year of her PhD (in Sweden) from Canada and Indonesia, working 100% remotely. After finishing her PhD in 2016, she initiated IGDORE – a location independent research institute with a strong focus on openness and transparency.

Who can become affiliated with IGDORE?

Researchers with or without other formal affiliations, and with or without research funds. Granted funds can be administered by IGDORE, but can also be kept at other institutions. IGDORE is a great option for independent scientists and part-time or freelance scientists. We’re also a great option for any scientist who wants to take a clear stance on scientific integrity and open scientific practices.

I already have a grant placed at a different institution. Can I move the grant to IGDORE?

Yes, if IGDORE can provide the resources you need and your funding agency agrees.

Do you hire researchers who do not yet have any granted research funds?

Not at the time. Learn more about being affiliated with IGDORE.

Can I apply for funding with IGDORE as host institution?

Yes, we can host grants in Sweden. Contact us in the earliest planning stage as possible for more information.

Can IGDORE provide the resources I need to conduct my research?

We only accept to host research projects where we have the capacity to provide the needed resources. This means that we can help you find and rent a suitable work space of your choice (anywhere in the world), set up a temporary laboratory for social science research (anywhere in the world), order the equipment you need, etc.

Can I offer teaching through IGDORE?

Yes, affiliated researchers can offer teaching (lectures, seminars, workshops) through IGDORE.

I’m a researcher but I don’t have a PhD. Can I become affiliated with IGDORE?

Maybe. This will be decided on a case to case basis.

Can I be a digital nomad and work for IGDORE as a researcher or administrative staff?


Doesn’t it get lonely working at a digital research institute? How can I meet my colleagues?

In general, you will most likely have more time to meet family and friends if working at IGDORE, since you are allowed the freedom to work from anywhere and don’t have to commute or move away from the people you want to be close. Because of the low indirect costs at IGDORE (see Affiliation), you might also have the funds to visit your collaborators or have them come visit you. In addition, employees can hire a place at co-working spaces to meet other people working during similar conditions. We will also start non-virtual laboratories and relaxed spaces around the world where researchers and other staff can stay short- or long-term, with or without their families, to meet colleagues non-virtually or simply relax and enjoy.