Education Working Group

The Education Working Group (WG) at IGDORE oversees the development of open educational resources for the research community and beyond.

The primary goal of the WG is to develop strategies and best practices for the creation of open educational materials around scientific topics, which can then be reused, remixed, repurposed, and distributed to the community for free. Along the way, the goal is also to develop educational material related to IGDORE’s core mission of supporting open science and, additionally, to facilitate affiliates in developing material related to their own area of expertise.

The first activity of the WG is to lead the further development and improvement of the Open Science MOOC, a Massive Open Online Course which aims at providing early-career researchers, students (and anyone else who is interested) with the right tools and skills to implement Open Scholarship practices.

The MOOC was initiated (back in 2017) by our late friend and colleague Jon Tennant, and has since seen a couple of radical transformations in terms of governance, hosting, and development strategies.

The current Education WG within IGDORE will now try to steer the project and its adoption in the scientific community, with the following tasks:

  • Choose an open & sustainable hosting platform for the OS MOOC (for people to enrol)
  • Port the already developed OS MOOC modules to the educational platform, and refresh/improve the content based on community feedback
  • Create and implement plans for development of further modules

Members of the Education WG

  • Osman Aldirdiri
  • Chris Erdmann
  • Stefaniia Ivashchenko
  • Giulia Malaguarnera
  • Paola Chiara Masuzzo
  • Jadranka Stojanovski
  • Gavin Taylor

Other IGDORE affiliates or individuals who have been involved with the Open Science MOOC previously are welcome to participate in the Education WG activities. We usually meet on the last Monday of each month at 13 EST, please indicate your interest in attending by writing to The WG also uses a private category at the On Science and Academia forum (request to join the Education group here or message a forum mod for access) for written discussion.