Coworking Space


Our first coworking space is located on Jalan Made Lebah 12, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Soft opening is currently in progress with the following opening hours: Monday to Friday, 08:00-18:00.

The main workspace is on the first floor (with 18 chairs and several comfortable spots for reading), while the second floor has three small rooms dedicated to seminars, meetings and data collections, as well as a kitchen, lunch room, shower and terrace.

The interior has been designed with the typical work of scientists and students in mind, although everyone is welcome to enjoy the facilities. We have the standard coworking desks with office chairs, but also cosy reading corners and a small library with scientific literature focusing on open science and research methods. Our social science laboratory (on 2nd floor) will hopefully open during the second half of 2018 (as of November 2017, we are in the process of applying for all the required licences). Once the laboratory has opened, we will also initiate an institutional review board in line with Indonesian regulations. In comparison to other coworking spaces in South-East Asia, we have less focus on events. Instead we focus on scientific seminars, workshops. and spontaneous meetings in the lunchroom and member initiated after works.

The coworking space is open to everyone, regardless of profession, but we are particularly good in taking care of scientists and students.

Curate Science Pres 3
Etienne LeBel, board member of IGDORE and founder of Curate Science, is presenting Curate Science to colleagues at the coworking space.


Only members can use the space. Researchers and students affiliated with IGDORE are members for free through their affiliation. Soft Opening Membership Fees currently apply: 50% discount on all types of membership fees.

Pricelist IGDORE 2018

Additional services

Below is a list of additional services that are available to our members.

Private offices

On the second floor we have three smaller rooms for meetings, seminars and data collections: Blackmore (1-2 people), Babbage (1-3 people), Darwin (up to 8 people). When there is no ongoing data collection, these rooms can be rented as private offices for groups and individuals. The rooms will typically be able to book for a maximum of 2-3 months at a time; longer periods are possible during 2019. All three rooms have AC.


You can rent and/or buy the following equipment from us:

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard (international or Scandinavian)
  • Monitor
  • SIM card with local phone number



IMG-20171129-WA0049We have a small library consisting of scientific literature in English, focusing on classical and up-to-date literature specialising in metascience, scientific methods, statistics and psychology.

We welcome donations to our library. You can make a monetary donation by Bitcoin (if you want to make sure that your money are actually used for literature only, please inform us by email about your donation) and/or donate literature. For donations of literature, please contact Rebecca Willén:

Donate to IGDORE with Bitcoin: