Data Collection

Scientists from any part of the world can hire our research assistants to collect scientific data. We currently offer data collections in Sweden, and will in the near future (2019) also offer it in Indonesia. Hiring us to collect data for you means that you are guaranteed dedication to open scientific practices.

    • We will assist you in writing and publishing a preregistration document prior to starting the data collection.
    • We will assist in getting any material professionally translated to the local language(s) that is relevant to the particular study (e.g., Swedish); we can assist you in making the material publicly available before or after the data collection.
    • We will assist you in getting the study ethically reviewed in line with international guidelines and local regulations; we can easily make the review publicly available for you in accordance with local regulations. (Note that the Swedish system allows independent scientists to apply for ethical review on the same terms as scientists affiliated to a traditional university.)
    • We will write a comprehensive and transparent laboratory report specifying details on for example equipment (e.g. colour photos of laboratory and stimuli), procedures, data collectors, dates. This report will be available to you continuously throughout the process and can afterwards be archived for you in an online repository. This makes it easy for you to later refer to it as supplemental material.
    • Collected digital data will be stored and transferred to you encrypted. We will help you getting started with basic encryption should it not already be familiar to you. Collected non-digital data will be stored in line with mutual agreements.
    • Collected quantitative data will be saved in an open format, with a clear and concise codebook, making it easy for you to employ any software for your analyses, and to later share your data with colleagues and the public.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Willén (