December 2020 update: Due to ongoing restructuring of IGDOREs membership categories, we currently cannot attend to affiliation requests from applicants who do not hold a doctorate degree (or equivalent) or are not currently enrolled in a doctorate program. We invite you to contact us again after February 1st 2021, when the new structure should be finalized.

Scientists and students from any discipline and any part of the world can join IGDORE. Some will do so to simplify their work as independent researchers. Others are affiliated with traditional universities but want to show their commitment to transparent science (i.e. open scientific practices) through an additional affiliation with IGDORE. Yet others become affiliated to simply show their support for IGDORE.

IGDORE offers the following to affiliated researchers:

  • formal institutional affiliation,
  • grant management (indirect costs = 0-20%; flexible and negotiable) in Sweden (and thereby access to funding within the European Union)1,
  • the opportunity to offer teaching and certain types of consultancy under IGDORE’s flag,
  • access to our international team of experienced research assistants at cost price2,
  • data collections in Sweden (including ethical review)3 at cost price,
  • free VPN service for three of your devices via,

Affiliation with IGDORE is free of charge.

IGDORE requests two things from all our affiliated researchers4: (1) make your affiliation with IGDORE explicit in all professional contexts (publications, websites, at conferences, presentations, etc); and (2) you need to accept and adhere to our Code of Conduct5.

Should you choose to join IGDORE, please send your CV and any other relevant information to We will review the material and return to you shortly with a decision. This minor review is only to confirm that you truly are a professional and trained researcher; we do not make any other assessment of your merits or work.

1 For grant management in the United States, we recommend Ronin Institute. It’s possible to be affiliated with several institutes at the same time. You can also at the same time be affiliated with a traditional university.

2 Research assistants are also available to external researchers, but when hired by our affiliated researchers, we do not charge a fee / indirect costs.

3 Independent scientists can get their research ethically reviewed in Sweden on the same terms as scientists affiliated with a traditional university. This makes data collections in Sweden particularly suitable for independent scientists.

4 Both requirements are practised leniently for graduate students and other early career researchers (ECRs). IGDORE wants to be a source of moral and practical support to students and ECRs who practice or want to start practice open science; providing this support is more important to us than to always be mentioned by the affiliate. We further acknowledge the fact that not all students and ECRs are in a position where they can or dare to take on the struggle for open scientific practices. Indeed are these the people who need our support the most.

5 We currently employ the Code of Conduct of Eindhoven Technical University. The Code includes the expectation to apply certain open scientific practices, such as making research data available to colleagues. It’s perfectly okay to not already be familiar with these practices or how to apply them when joining IGDORE; we will provide all support and information you need to learn them. There is also the possibility of hiring our research assistants to let them take care of the open practices on your behalf, should you not have the time for it yourself.