IGDORE is registered as a not-for-profit in Indonesia and we have two limited companies in Sweden and Estonia. Our long-term goal is to become financially independent; to be able to cover all our expenses through our provided services and education. We aim to keep our prices as low as possible, and to give away as much as possible for free, but to still have enough revenue to be sustainable – and hopefully enough to expand.

Below we list all grants, donations and investments we have accepted. Want to make a donation? We accept Bitcoin (see below). For other types of donations (e.g. in other cryptocurrencies), please contact Rebecca Willén (

Daniel Berntsson, private investor, IGDORE Board member
70.000 EUR

What do we do with incoming funds?

  1. We give them away as Travel Awards to scientists and students dedicated to open scientific practices, and to scientists and students who want to learn about such practices.
  2. We cover the monthly expenses we have for administration in (mainly) Indonesia (salaries to Branch Manager, Receptionist, Gardener, Cleaning Company and Accountant; internet; electricity; water; waste collection).
  3. Investments in equipment and literature
  4. Other one-time investments (e.g. long-term lease of building in Indonesia; furniture to the building)

Donations in Bitcoin are accepted to this address: