Our Goals & Visions

IGDORE’s main long-term goal is to build a new type of university. This university will have a set of features that can be categorised under four main topics: Efficient administration, Good science, Good Education, and People Friendly.

Efficient administration

Good science

Good education

  • Students will be taught open and replicable scientific practices.
  • We will always strive to employ open educational resources for all required readings and materials.
  • We will never require students to employ proprietary software if equivalent programs exist based on free and open source software.
  • Students are entitled to motivated and engaged teachers. We will therefore never practice enforced teaching; our researchers will always be free to choose whether they want to teach; if teaching, they will also choose when and what they want to teach.

People friendly

This document is a work in progress. Last update was made June 28, 2019.